January 20, 2013

Annoying \r\n Bug

That awkward moment when you realize isn't doing something right, you check online realizing that it is a bug and there is a new update adderssing that specific issue as the first most important change!

notepad++ did not recognize \r\n in regular expression mode and that was annoying!

notepad++ from version npp.5.8.5 to version npp.6.2.3 fixes the bug:
Notepad++ v6.2.3 new features and fixed bugs:  

1. Fix find "\r\n" bug in RegExpr mode.     
2. Change "Delete file" command to "Move to Recycle Bin".  
3. Add Remove empty lines feature.  
4. Change document default value from ANSI to UTF8 w/o BOM.  
5. Enable Word-completion under CJK environment for unicode document


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