March 24, 2015

Deep Learning Plays Attari

Deep Mind, a subsidary of Google published an extended version of their 2013 paper in Nature along with source codes. Nature Paper. Code. The big picture: a deep network that has loss function as a function that maximizes its score. The input is the pixels of the screen (state) and output is action+score

March 9, 2015

Building a PC Tower for Deep Learning

It's been a while that I have not looked into building a PC piece by piece and I had to refresh my rusty knowledge. First you'd want to take a look at these: Which GPU(s) to Get for Deep Learning, which suggests for GTX 980 and GTX Titan and Which GPU to use for deep learning? that sugegsts GTX 780TI as a top mid-range. There is also this, which is a good quick guide on building a PC. So, here it boils down to two main goals: take the biggest memory on a cuda-enabled GPU which means NVIDIA. AMD on the other hand offers OpenCL library but I would say you won't find any deep learning library using OpenCL. So stick to NVIDIA, and any recent NVIDIA will do.

Such a system will be single threaded deep learning algorithm, so CPU does not play any roles here. The faster matrix computations the farther you'll get.

NVIDIA offers several categories of GPUs (Geforce, Tesla, Quadro).