December 24, 2012

Which Web Application Framework is Best w/ statistics

Ok, I am trying to see what's hot among web application frameworks these days. And here is the statistics:

craigslist postings gives an overall estimate of programming languages, web application frameworks right on demand. So here are the results:

Google Search codeigniter

spring java 30,900
zend 17,800
django 11,900
node.js 6,100
cakephp 5,770
Drupal 4,930
codeigniter 3,590
"ruby on rails" 2,170
groovy + java 1,330
yii 1,060
grails  1,050

Conclusion: Codeigniter/cakephp seems to be the most promising option after django for a startup. ruby on rails  doesn't seem to have much of a community (not too many jobs on CL) and it seems to have had huge declines although it still seems a bit more than others.

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