October 23, 2013

Vim and Weirdos!

I always thought vim is for nerds and weirdos. I have been using vim for three years now but I always looked at it as a chore, something that if I don't have to use it I won't! Who would use vim as long as there are sexy IDEs out there?

Until I little by little got familiar with some of its feartures. Like speak vim: di" will Delete Inside Quotation marks, or there are other verb/ nouns there. Today I tried vim plugins for the first time: I started with AutoComplPop, this

October 14, 2013

Twitter Analytics Infrastructure: Parquet, Storm - Analytics @ WebScale

I was watching a talk by Dmitriy Ryaboy who is the engineering manager on Twitter's analytics infrastructure team. The talk was about Twitter Analytics Infrastructure like Parquet, Storm,... at the Analytics @ WebScale conference and making sure they provide the right and optimized tools /infrastructure for different teams there to use .

So let's get dirty:
Logs are available in HDFS and stored in Apache Thrift

October 8, 2013

Workflow Management Azkaban & Oozie

Here I went to a meetup that talked about workflow management tools namely Azkaban and Oozie.
So imagine you have a long process of jobs in different programming languages, libraries etc. and you are handling each time e.g. manually run them or check their exit status, or write a shell script with ifs/elses to proceed to the rest of the jobs.  That is UGLY!

So Azkaban will take care o this for you in a nice GUI interface and tell you which ones succeeded or failed, and email you if they failed or succeeded. Now I like that!

Apparently it is not able to take care of creating directories or etc based on the workflow job so for those stuff you still need to have your own bash script.