November 20, 2015

Mac Eclipse Debugging So Slow! Life saver tip!

If debugging in eclipse in mac has been so slow for you here is the solution: close the Variables window and what ever you wanna see hover over its variabel or add it to the watch list


November 18, 2015

How to Receive Files in your Google Drive from Anyone

A school teacher wants to have a public drop box (not Dropbox) where students can upload homework assignments. A recruiter wants to have an online form where job applicants can upload their resumes. A designer may need a public drop box where clients can upload photographs easily.

November 3, 2015

Import iPhone Images to MAc without iPicture

Step 1Connect your iPhone to your Mac with its USB cord. Wait a moment for your Mac to recognize that it has been connected.
Step 2Click the "Finder" button in the Dock and click the "Applications" folder in the left pane. Scroll through the list of applications to "Image Capture" and double-click it to open it.
Step 3Select a location on your Mac for the Image Capture application to save your iPhone pictures. To delete the pictures from your iPhone upon completion, click "Options," open the "Options" tab and select "Delete Items from Camera after Downloading."
Step 4Click the "OK" button and then click the "Download All" button to transfer the photos. Once complete, you can disconnect your iPhone from your computer.