October 11, 2010

Java Getting Bigger

Oracle publishes: Oracle and IBM Collaborate to Accelerate Java Innovation Through OpenJDK [Link].

This means a counter act against the great effort of Microsoft to stabilize its .NET framework. It means two giants of java will cooperate to gain better quality java, Oracle through the formerly SUN JDK, and IBM through OpenJDK. A neat competition and coordination. I am eager to see what is going on to the JSR!

Entropy for Dummies

The entropy is the expected amount of information you get in a sample of a distribution. You can think of it as "how surprised are you, on average, on seeing a sample of that distribution".

An unbiased coin toss has one bit of entropy, as any way is equally likely, but a toss from a coin where both sides are heads has entropy 0, as you're never surprised when seeing its results.

The entropy can also be seen as a constant minus the information gain of a distribution over the uniform distribution (and this divergence, as you know, is the number of bits you "save" when you use a code based on the actual distribution instead of on the uniform distribution).

it's best to get used to it by seeing how it works in theorems and algorithms, and for this I recommend Davd Mackay's book, you can get the PDF from here.


October 10, 2010


Today (it is 1:23 AM now) I started my very first contribution to wikipedia in Persian (Farsi) by the definition of polyhedron or چند وجهی as a beginning. Feels good! :)

To add your language (e.g. Persian) to the definition of a word I followed the following guide from here:

To link to a Hindi-language article from a relevant article in another language's Wikipedia, go to the bottom of the other language's article and add a link like this:

[[hi:Article title here]]

(For example, the bottom of the English Wikipedia article "India" contains a link, [[hi:भारत]], to the Hindi Wikipedia article "भारत".)

You will probably see other languages there (French, German, etc) with their links. If you do, then please add the Hindi link in the appropriate spot alphabetically; this helps us keep everything sorted.

October 8, 2010

Age of Data

Recently I have been busy implementing a C compiler as part of the Programming Languages and Compiler course at UTSA. This project is to be built on POET language.

Apart from school, I was interested in the "Journalism in the Age of Data" video post by Geoff McGhee.

Huge amounts of data available around us means something. Extracting and visualizing these data is quite challenging.

October 3, 2010

Matt Ridley: When ideas have sex.

I am pleased to announce that I succeeded in contributing to the TED.com community. By translating the fantastic talk When ideas have sex by Matt Ridley, I have the honor of letting a large group of Persian speaking people (across Iran, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, ...) to benefit from this community.

You can access the translation either by choosing the Subtitles in Persian (Farsi) under the video, or through my TED.com translator page.

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