May 15, 2012

I'm a Woman

I’m a woman…
With hands that are no longer happy with bracelets
That their glamour show my character
I’m a woman … I’ll take as much of air as your lungs can take
You know? It hurts, me not to be free so that you don’t fall for sin
The curves of my body come more to your eyes than my thoughts
It hurts that I have to adjust my coverings based on your level of faith
It hurts that your modernist liberal thoughts are just for stranger girls
When it comes to your mom and sisters you’d be the Hercules to control
It hurts that you agree with all my thoughts in bed
And in the mornings \ you get up to the different rib
All your words change
It hurts you never understand
Selling thoughts is worse than selling bodies for sex money
Bummer that for you prejudice is in between the legs not in the mind
Bummer that being a thoughtly prostitute is less important than a sexual prostitute.
I don’t need being understood \ it hurts being assumed a stupid ass
It hurts that you fool your moral so easily
And anytime you limit my freedom
You say I trust in you but the society is bad
Your generation was never faulty for this was it
You know?
I feel sorrow about our mothers
Poor people that were even scared to believe their right has been abolished
Never betrayed .. not because they were happy about their lives
No .. even betrayal takes courage .. your generation took everything from our mothers
Gave bracelets instead …
My mother is afraid of the Lord’s commands … is afraid of ill gotten food ... is afraid of everything
And you know frightening is the best tool to control
It hurts … you read this and say that’s exaggerations
Let me see that when stranger girls are being hit under the feet of religious cops for showing her hair openly
You say these again
Let me see if you are prejudice as much as you are at home??
It hurts that to you all the women around are corrupt …
And those that aren’t are all your family members …
Your mother, when she has the courage ask her
Was she happy about the sex with your father???
She’d get red …, and the answer …
Believe it that she doesn’t even give it to herself….
It hurts
From being a stranger, nobody cares, it hurts