May 20, 2016

PhD Thesis Preparation

While preparing for thesis in UF latex format there were some issues, here I post the things that I went through:

- Install MacTex (~2.5 GB) - this is latex compiler
- Install TexMaker - this is a nice latex editor
- check: 
%\documentclass[12pt,final,CPage]{ufthesis} %Use this line for Windows OS
\documentclass[12pt,dvipdfmx,final,CPage]{ufthesis} %Use this line for Macintosh/Linux OS
%\include{tex/TwoOrMoreAppendices} %Use this file if you have two or more appendices

Latex, Latex, Bibtex, Latex, Latex, XeLaTeX , QuickBuild

if that didn't work maybe check below, but that should do it.

- Install XeLaTeX (which is part of BasicTex) it is required for some of the packages that UF's template needs.
- Install sectsty.sty  On mac you can do it through Tex Live Utility, however the program fails to connect to its server. You can do so according to this.
  • cd /tmp/ 
  • curl '' > release-texlive.txt
  • cd /usr/local/texlive/2015
  • sudo mv release-texlive.txt release-texlive.txt.backup
  • sudo cp /tmp/release-texlive.txt .
Then in the packages tab search for sectsty.sty and click to install it.

Similarly install algorithmicx.sty, epsf.sty,

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