February 23, 2014

Hoggetowne Hack

One DSR team participated at the 6-hour Hoggetowne Hack 2014, Gainesville (an Open Data movement hackathon). We raced with an idea on city safety and delivered a workable prototype as an Android app which was brought upon to the panel of judges and nailed 2nd place and delivered check of $750 back home! This was a good data challenge with roughly 133 data sets available:Gainesville's Open Data Portal (a Government 2.0 initiative). There was 13 teams presenting their work with people from various local startups such as Grooveshark, roomsync, 352media, Gainesville HackerHouse, swampmobile, and many others.

Press Coverage:
First page of Computer Science Department at University of Florida   http://cise.ufl.edu/news/NA00173/




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