October 23, 2013

Vim and Weirdos!

I always thought vim is for nerds and weirdos. I have been using vim for three years now but I always looked at it as a chore, something that if I don't have to use it I won't! Who would use vim as long as there are sexy IDEs out there?

Until I little by little got familiar with some of its feartures. Like speak vim: di" will Delete Inside Quotation marks, or there are other verb/ nouns there. Today I tried vim plugins for the first time: I started with AutoComplPop, this
will keep on creating autocomplete boxes for you based on other words in the file (or dictionary of keywords [this I haven't tried yet]) well that was good!

The other one was EasyMotion. Say you are working on a code or text but you have to go to the end of the screen in the middle of a line to change something. press \\w and the initials of the word representing there, and there you go! no more arrow keys or searches, etc! Sweet!

NERDTRee is another plugin, like a file explorer in vim for opening files. press :NERDTree and browse files. Then press ? to view short-cut keys, I for showing hidden files and s to open a file in a vertical split of the pane. To create a bookmark :Bookmark myBookmark. then anywhere you press B will show you bookmarks. CD and also C limit directories. q will quit. press T to open a file in tab. Ctrl ww will toggle between. They're called windows in vim parlance: Ctrl wh or Ctrl wl also switch to left and right

OH My GOSH! Have you ever heard about SnipMate? Just type in the first few words of a common term in any language that it suports and it is going to create the rest of the content for you! Like in a java file you type in for and press tab, it's gonna print out for(int i =0; i < ; i++) {}  What else would you want for a text editor?

Another good one is tcomment: press Ctrl_ _ to toggle comment. to block comment: Ctrl_b the text you have selected in visual mode

You think these were cool? You're wrong! the best part is not out yet! Take a look at Taglist and you'd be astonished! A menubar of all java objects, methods, fields,being color coded... That's something that can make you rock in Vim!

Now, how about syntactic? syntax error alerts right in vim!

Or fuzzy search using CtrlP? type in any character that you want and it guesses what you're looking for

=================Holy Moly! In normal mode type in q then do what ever you want, then press q. now go anywhere you want to perform the same task and press @ this will do exactly as you did before  or 4@ will repeat it 4 times!!

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