November 10, 2012

10 Interesting Ideas I Learned

#1innovators dilemma
#2 you own your own character and employability
Preserving your own specific plan to superiors

#3 jobs are like busses, if you get on the right one
, you arrive at your destination
#4 size of market opportunity is first thing venture capitalists care about. .. and not about your technology
#5 be a fast learner… as problems come up. Quickly become an expert for the team
#6 How to invent?
work with smart people and continuously discuss and improve ideas
engineering inventions don’t happen eureka moments

welcome ‘constructive criticism’ or ‘feedback’ … Don’t be offensive or focus on the messenger. Focus on the teachable lesson
#8strive to play more offensive and less defensive. Be Proactive. See a problem,… own a problem
#9 career advice, keep your options open
#10work hard but have fun

Dr. S. Thompson: Dr. S. Thompson: Future Trends in the Electronic Industry and My Learning as a Entrepreneur, Professor, Intel Engineer/Manager

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