June 20, 2012

Can you get the light to travel that much to even think about doing it? Or the computation in terms of how much light can travel in that duration!

speed of light is speed_of_light = 299792458   # meters per second
meter = 100                  # one meter is 100 centimeters
nanosecond = 1.0/1000000000  # one billionth of a second
so light travels print speed_of_light * meter * nanosecond       => 29.9792458 cm in a nano second
with a CPU at 2.7 GHz (each cycle time is 1/2.7 nano second), so the light travels speed_of_light * meter * nanosecond /1.27 = 11.1 cm in each cycle! That's why the computers have to be small otherwise you can't even send light across the time for one cycle to do it!

by http://www.udacity.com/view#Course/cs101/CourseRev/apr2012/Unit/671001/Nugget/674004

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