March 15, 2011

God made it the right way, we are far off the road

When I look at myself my body and my muscles, I say to myself, I am a strong guy. But this strong arm is made of teeny-tiny bity cells.  Is any one of my muscle cells stronger than others? What makes it stronger>? some chemicals or proteins in a cell that are niot in another? I think they should be pretty mych all the same. (please disprove me). what about between two people?

So we should be able to make structures that are thousands of times strunger than each of its components in the best energy efficient way. The truth is that, in the creation of human beings we are very energy efficient. we just have 3 basic meals a day but we are very strong and intelligent/ for example we can easily lift a 20 lbs of load and carry it but to produce the energy for the same effect we have to use oil to make electricity  to make a single robot do the same thing. Do you have any idea how much oil we would need for that single job? I don't have either, but I know that a single drop of oil is the accumulation of thousands of living with accumulated energy of the whole earth.  compare it to a single meal that we have

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