October 10, 2010


Today (it is 1:23 AM now) I started my very first contribution to wikipedia in Persian (Farsi) by the definition of polyhedron or چند وجهی as a beginning. Feels good! :)

To add your language (e.g. Persian) to the definition of a word I followed the following guide from here:

To link to a Hindi-language article from a relevant article in another language's Wikipedia, go to the bottom of the other language's article and add a link like this:

[[hi:Article title here]]

(For example, the bottom of the English Wikipedia article "India" contains a link, [[hi:भारत]], to the Hindi Wikipedia article "भारत".)

You will probably see other languages there (French, German, etc) with their links. If you do, then please add the Hindi link in the appropriate spot alphabetically; this helps us keep everything sorted.

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